Special Balti Dishes

Items Price
Chicken Balti £9.50
Lamb Balti £10.50
Beef Balti £10.50
Chicken Tikka Balti £9.50
Lamb Tikka Balti £10.50
Prawn Balti £9.50
King Prawn Balti £10.50
Special Chilli Hut Balti £10.50

(Rice Included)
The translation of Balti is a “bucket” & our bucket bhoonas are fl avoured with pickle sauce to give that extra bite Cooked with pickle, garlic, ginger, tomato and specially made paste for Balti dishes.

Chicken Tikka Lamb Tikka and Prawn cooked in balti sauce.

Chef’s Specialities

(Rice Included)
Available in Lamb, King Prawn and Prawn. Lamb £1.00 Extra. King Prawn £1.50 Extra. Prawn £1.00 Extra.